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The seas off the coast of Brittany in France have been the source of inspiration for the PHYTOMER Laboratories researchers for over 35 years. The company uses entirely natural extraction processes to harvest marine ingredients from the sea’s algae and plants for their cosmetics and skin care products. Freeze drying preserves the structures and compositions. The result is a range of safe and healthy products.

At the heart of Phytomer’s products is the idea of using nature’s own processes to benefit your skin. “Marine Biomimetism” as it is known, reproduces the natural processes of algae and marine plants to give hydrating power, targeted contouring action and the preservation of skin youthfulness. Phytomer is an environmentally conscious company, harvesting algae from natural deposits in harmony with Nature’s cycles according to local regulations. The company works with local algae farmers recovering only certain varieties whilst protecting endangered species.

Present in most of the Phytomer face and body ranges is “Oligomer”, a sea water concentrate that gives the re-mineralizing properties of the 104 trace elements present in seawater.



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Guided by a natural vision of beauty and an aim for authenticity, Equavie is an organic cosmetic brand. Equavie is environmentally conscious, utilizing a variety of natural ingredients and offers 100% sensory bliss. Inspired by both the richness of Mediterranean gardens and the exceptional properties of fruits and grains, Equavie invites you to a land of reassuring and authentic natural ingredients that encourage well-being. A natural yet modern brand, Equavie utilizes a variety of natural ingredients, reconciling organic care with delight and effectiveness.

Because Nature inspires us, we do all that we can to preserve it.

Our selection of ingredients focuses on organic farming and natural materials, which are more respectful of the planet, biodiversity, and natural balances.

Our packaging is entirely recyclable or reusable and our boxes are made of paper from certified sustainably managed forests. Our production site respects the environment with its filtering gardens, a landscaped space that treats wastewater mainly with plants.


Caring For Your Face
Sea Essential Facial
Botanical Bliss
Men's Maintenance Facial
Eye Delight Contour Treatment
Express Radiance Facial
Caring For Your Body
Sea Essential Satin Treatment
Sea Essential Body Wrap Treatment
Delicious Escapade
Sea Masculine Relaxing Back Treatment
Spa Pedicure
Spa Manicure
ZANIYA'S Massages
Revitalise Full Body Massage
Full Aromatherapy Body Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Bamboo Sticks Massage
Signature Treatments
Sea Water Pearls Ritual Facial
Sea Holistic Body Bolus Treatment
Sea Holistic Relaxation and Radiance Treatment
Spa Packages
In the Orchard
Sea Breeze
Marine Spirit
In the Meadow
Silk Road

Life Coaching
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Guided meditation
Spiritual healing

Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes

Natural Therapies
Australian Bush Flower Essences (Ian White)
Weight Loss
Sanax Bioenergetics


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