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Feel on top of the world and forget the demands of the day. Boost your health and treat yourself to one of our delicious escapades!

Sea Essential Satin Treatment

A relaxing full body massage is followed by an invigorating marine body scrub, which is removed by the cat’s paw sponging method, added are a pinch of Oligomer and relaxing oxygenating serum. We finish with a hot towel treatment and the application of relaxing sea holistic body cream.

Treatment Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes [$140]

Sea Essential Body Wrap Treatment

In a gentle relaxed environment, your body will first receive a dry exfoliation with a loofah or sea sponge to remove dead skin cells. Then your body is enveloped in a pleasant warm marine mask. After which you will rest comfortably on a heated Japanese ceramic mat to help trace elements to be infused more readily. The treatment will induce a beautiful state of serenity and boost your energy levels. After removal of your body mask by the cat’s paw sponging method and hot towel application, we apply a silky marine body milk, leaving you remineralized and restored.

ZANIYA’s choice of body masks can target specific issues such as detoxing, contouring, firming, and breaking down cellulite.

Treatment Duration: 1 hour and 20 Minutes [$140] (for optimal results a course of ten treatments is recommended) [$1400]

Delicious Escapade

A relaxing full body massage is followed by an invigorating sugar cane body scrub exfoliation which is removed by the cat’s paw sponging method and hot towel treatment. Then we apply a delicious sesame, vanilla and honey moisturising oil to provide you with sensory bliss.

Treatment Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes [$140]

Sea Masculine Relaxing Back Treatment

A specific men’s treatment to cleanse, exfoliate and ease tension for the active stressed man in search of relaxation and well being. Included in the treatment are a mask and back massage.

Treatment Duration: 30 Minutes [$70]

Babbling Brook

Let your troubles melt away with a fabulous relaxing Hot Stone Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage. Your muscles will feel de-stressed and warmed. Feel the flow.

Treatment Duration: 45 Minutes [$97]

Spa Pedicure or Manicure

Our feet and hands work tirelessly for us everyday and deserve Zaniya’s TLC. After a warm soak, your nails will be trimmed, filed, shaped, and buffed, after which your hands or feet will be gently massaged, relieving tiredness and restoring mobility. Then you will have a choice of a botanical hand or feet scrub or a Dead Sea salt exfoliation, removing dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and smooth. A hot towel application follows and then either a fragrant botanical hydrating hand or foot cream or a fresh marine based moisturizing hand or foot cream completes the treatment.


A clear nail polish will leave your hands or feet perfectly groomed..

Treatment Duration (hands or feet): 25 Minutes [$58] Why not combine a spa pedicure and manicure? 50 Minutes [$100]

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