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Are you looking for an original face treatment that combines extreme nourishment with absolute relaxation? Discover ZANIYA’s authentic facials!

Sea Essential Facial

Authentic marine ingredients full of trace elements and other vital nutrients, combined with original application techniques will ease away stress and tiredness of your skin. Our Immersion Phase* starts when you rest on a self-heating Marine Mudpack that will warm and detox you, whilst receiving cleansing, toning and a combination of exfoliation and face sculpting massage. While the hydrating mask is on, a delicious hand and arm massage heightens your well being. We finish with the application of a day cream selected for your skin type and you can enjoy an Oligomer cocktail afterwards.

Treatment Duration: 50 Minutes [$90] (or with deluxe eye care) 60 Minutes [$100]

Botanical Bliss

A delightful holistic facial using only the finest of pure organic ingredients that leave your skin radiant and nourished. First, we relax you completely by gently stretching and applying pressure on the balance points. We proceed by cleansing and toning your face and neck leaving your skin feeling fresh and invigorated. After your Tropical Delight exfoliation which totally purifies the skin, you can indulge in a wonderful Orchard Fruit Balm massage. Then we infuse you with a Herbal Oxygenating Serum, followed by a soft plasticising mask to firm and energise the skin. Your skin is now ready to be nourished by a day cream most suitable for your skin. Your treatment is complete by an Awakening to Balance head massage.

Treatment Duration: 45 Minutes [$80] (or with deluxe eye care) 55 Minutes [$90]

Men’s Maintenance Facial

The shave and soap approach and our hot Aussie sun can leave a man’s skin in need of revitalization. We give your skin a deep cleanse, tone, massage and a customized mask that leaves your skin healthy, toned and invigorated. We finish with your customized moisturiser.

Treatment Duration: 50 Minutes [$80]

Eye Delight Contour Treatment

After gentle makeup removal from eyes and face, we give a soothing massage around the eyes with two special brushes, applying a smoothing and reviving eye mask. A manual massage follows and special eye contour pads will calm and moisturize, during which time we will massage your hands and arms with Relaxing Serum and moisturizing hand cream. After removal of eye pads, we apply an eye cream. This will definitely rejuvenate your look.

Treatment Duration: 30 Minutes [$60]

Express Radiance Facial

Give yourself a quick boost. This mini facial consists of cleansing, toning, mini massage, exfoliation and a day cream selected for your skin type.

Treatment Duration: 30 Minutes [$70]

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Most of our treatments begin with a Reflexo -Thermal method. This stimulates the body’s reflex zones (back, feet and hands) helping to eliminate stress and tension to improve receptiveness to your treatment.

Part of this method is a marine focussed Immersion Phase where we use a Self Heating Marine Mud, which further awaken the senses of the reflex zones, creating warmth and detoxing you.

It has been scientifically proven that the impact on relaxation reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol by up to 48%.

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