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The Bolus Massage

ZANIYA is proud to offer her clients the wonderful moisturizing and relaxing benefit of a Bolus Massage. This is a face and body treatment inspired by Thai massage techniques to seduce the senses and provide the skin with ultra-moisturisation. By using hot marine boluses (little cloth sachets) filled with sea salt crystals and lavender (for the body) or sea water pearls with algae (for the face) we treat pressure points and massage to restore balance to the entire body. Your skin will feel soft and radiant.

Sea Water Pearls Ritual Facial

In Zaniya’s relaxed atmosphere, we commence with your Immersion Phase, starting with a soothing back massage and the application of a Relaxing Serum. Hot toweling follows, and you will rest comfortably with your back on a strip of Self Heating Marine Mud. While a spray of Sea Mist and more droplets of Relaxing Serum will create a serene atmosphere for further treatment.

We remove any make - up from eyes, face, neck and decollete and proceed with your double exfoliation of both face and hands. In the meantime, your therapist will freshly prepare your Sea Water Pearl Boluses and whilst they warm, you enjoy your eye massage using the double brush technique, followed by your reviving eye mask. You will then receive an original and delicate face massage using the warm boluses, followed by a manual face massage with nourishing cream.

We apply the warm boluses once more and after this your relaxing moisturizing mask to which we add the rest of the hydrated Gigartina (a red algae with amazing moisturizing properties). During your relaxing mask we will treat your hands and arms with moisturizing hand cream and Relaxing Serum for a total experience of harmony. We gently remove your mask then tone and complete your ultimate facial with the application of Hydra Nourishing Serum, eye contour cream and your moisturizer. We slowly bring you back to reality and you can enjoy an Oligomer cocktail.

Treatment Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes [$190]

Sea Holistic Body Bolus Treatment

In Zaniya’s restful white treatment space we begin by relaxing your body with gentle stretches and the application of Relaxing Serum drops on vital acupressure points such as your third eye, solar plexus, the sides of the elbows, inside the wrists, under the knees and the arches of the feet, and then we massage both feet simultaneously making you feel totally at ease.

We continue your experience with a dry exfoliation with either a loofah or sea sponge to remove dead skin cells from your body. This action not only improves your blood circulation but boosts your energy levels as well.You are now ready to receive your wonderful Sea Salt Crystals & Lavender Boluses balance restoring massage. Warmed with steam, the boluses are gently pressed onto to the muscles and areas of tension whilst you inhale the subtle aromas.

A special manual massage, inspired by the waves of the sea follows. We use a fragrant mixture of Sea Holistic Relaxing Massage Cream and Relaxing Serum to sooth your skin and transport you to the tranquil sea side. We complete your body treatment with a head massage, and offer you a refreshing Marine Cocktail.

Treatment Duration: 1 Hour [$140]

Sea Holistic Relaxtion and Radiance Treatment

This is the ultimate combination treatment where you enjoy our beautiful Sea Essential Facial (without the Marine Mud Pack) and our Sea Holistic Body Bolus Treatment for a complete top to toe feeling of indulgence and well being.

Treatment Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes [$175]

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