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Since ancient times, massage has played a healing role to alleviate both physical and emotional problems.

Now it is especially relevant in our society, where we get bombarded with information, many of us are running our lives at a hectic pace.

Taking time out for a soothing massage is a great way of keeping stress levels down and getting rid of aches and pains or simply harmonize and balance the body systems or for pure enjoyment.

All full body massages are preceded by a relaxing foot bath and incorporate a hot towel treatment.

ZANIYA'S Revitalize Full Body Massage

Simply relax while each zone of your body is massaged, gently removing tension in your muscles and improving your blood circulation. A great way to de-stress.

Treatment Duration: 1 Hour [$100] ; 1 Hour 20 Mintues [$120]

ZANIYA'S Full Aromatherapy Body Massage

Get in the mood and spoil the senses. Zaniya offers a choice of exquisite blends of essential oils. Zanzibar (vibrant, exotic); Tahitian Escape (enchanting, romantic), Thai temple (tranquil, still), Relaxation (rest and serenity). Using only In Essence aromatherapy oils.

Treatment Duration: 1 Hour [$110] ; 1 Hour 20 Minutes [$130]

ZANIYA'S Hot Stone Full Body Massage

After a traditional manual massage your muscles will be warmed by smooth heated black volcanic stones leaving you ultra-relaxed and comfortable. Great for tired muscles and rheumatic conditions.

Treatment Duration: 1 Hour [$115] ; 1 Hour 20 Minutes [$125]

ZANIYA'S Bamboo Sticks Massage

Zaniya’s “Bamboo Fusion Technique” is the latest luxurious trend making deep tissue work more effective and enjoyable for you. With different sizes of warm bamboo sticks, the muscles are kneaded and trigger points are treated. All therapeutic bamboo pieces are hand crafted and become uniquely an extension of the therapist’s hands. The bamboo fusion technique gives you an absolute energized feeling whilst your skin tissue becomes more supple and relaxed.

Treatment Duration: 1 Hour [$115] ; 1 Hour 20 Minutes [$125]

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